Capturing + analyzing one of the most eventful years in recent black history


Develop an on-site event that highlights the top digital content created by black millennials that has impacted pop culture in 2016 while  provoking the global Black community to focus efforts against oppression and  police brutality. The bridging of #bbdigital and your space provides a stellar opportunity for our combined audiences to  create a call to action; imagine  digital and tech content creators of color using their talents to begin the next social media campaign that promotes global unity and understanding sponsored by your company.

Event Overview

a series of panels and digital content demonstrating how Black millennial’s across the Diaspora have used the web to brilliantly highlight moments that made the world recognize Black Culture’s powerful influence.  Join #bbdigital along with our diverse commentators as they spotlight entertainment, social media, technology, business, politics, activism and wellness  tactics, that have put 2016 on the map, marking it as a history-making year.The Blackest Year Ever  will also include a segment acknowledging the top apps, technology and social media hashtag’s of the year in partnership with  major  tech/media organization.

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