A Moment. A Slay. A Legacy Validated. But Will This Increase Production Budgets For Filmmakers Of Color?


Spike Lee brought Brooklyn and the ancestors with him to accept his award,  Mahershala Ali gave us Malcolm X Vibes, Black Panther Made History, Billy Porter gave us fluid fashion at it’s finest, and Regina King continued to spread her  Black Girl Magic. For the first time ever, the Academy Awards wasn’t as white as it’s been for the past 89 years. In fact, there were 7 black winners - each of them serving “lewks” and confidence boosting speeches laced with black excellence. This year’s black historic wins went viral on social media giving  #OscarsSoWhite a new tone of, “ Oscars so black, finally!.” But the fact of the matter is that the number of Black, POC, and Indigenous people in The Academy is still disproportionate. We encourage the Academy Awards to simply, do👏🏿 better👏🏿. See the stats below. 👇🏾

Production Budgets and Box Office Earnings for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2019 Oscar Nominees (Numbers = Millions)

While we're excited for the increase in black participation at the Oscars this year, you can see a clear discrepancy in the budgets for films about or made by people of color.