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#BBDigital Presents

#bbidgitla presents is the signature yearly event that thematically highlights emerging content made by/out millenials of colof. The event is geared towards vibrant black and latino media makers who have a pulse on emerging technology, believe in social-prenuership and love diverse content that speaks to who they are. #bbdigita Presents: l provides a platform forcontent creators of color to showcase their work in a theater to hundreds of web series lovers, digital media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and techies - all with the goal celebrating diverse work, coalition building and crating pipelines for content ownership.

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Highlighting Emerging content creators of color for Social Justice

There's uproar in the air.

Now more than ever people from every race, gender, sexual orientation and religious background want their stories and voices to be heard. In light of current political landscape, now is the time for media makers and community organizers to use their talent to shift paradigms and perspectives to empower communities to TAKE ACTION.

The work of social justice is in the hands of the people! Successful revolutions are no longer achieved with the gun, knife or fist but with the pen, camera and paintbrush. By creating responsible content and positive propaganda, we can inspire new conversations and foster coalition building.

#bbdigital in partnership with The New York Media Center present: We Got Next!

Join us as we highlight emerging independent content creators of color who use media for social justice! This event will feature film screenings and a PROVOCATIVE conversation with independent media makers who create cutting edge content that builds that inspires the world to take action.

Cost: FREE

Thursday Feb 23rd, 7-9PM

NY Media Center: 30 John Street, Brooklyn, NY

PAST #bbdigital presents EVENTS

2013 - For Us, By Us


At MIST HARLEM in conjunction with Creatively Speaking

The revolution has been uploaded -- onto your transmedia screens! Introducing, #bbdigital- the brainchild of Creatively Speaking Film Series and Project Blaq.#bbdigital  brings together content creators  from the new DIY media culture brewing online. The event featured the internet's top webseries in one space for a night of screenings and a curated discussion about creating the stories mainstream media neglects to broadcast. The event was  moderated by industry insiders including the world renowned indie film blogger Vanessa Martinez from Shadow and Act and TV/Digital Media producer Kai Alexandre.

Featured Content Creators

  • Al Thompson-- Lenox Ave. Tony Clomax-- 12 steps to Recovery

  • Julia Grob--East WillyB

  • Michael "Boogie" Pickney--Motion Picture Sh%t

  • Stacey Muhammad--For Colored Boys

  • Brett Sanders--Brett and the City

  • Felice Leon--Running the Streets with Felice (special recorded Issa Rae interview)

  • A.V. Rockwell--Open City Mixtape


Featured Content

  • Evolve- The Series -Kia T. Barbee

  • BOOMERANGS—Hadiyah Dache’ Muhammad

  • Famous Farrah – Talibah Newman

2014 - The DIY Culture



At The New School

#bbdigital Presents: The DIY Culture, the curatorial team created a Black History Progam at The New School, highligting the work of New School students of color. CO-sponsored by The New School for Public Engagement, School of Media Studies and School of Undergraduate Studies, the event brought out 200 students from all departments for a discussion about using the the internet to tell unique stories, build their own brand, and create future career opportunities. We partnered with media professors to demonstrate the current state of media representation trough the pipeline of webserieswith young content creators and industry insiders.

2015 - Sex: Exploitation, Exploration and Expression



 At Mist Harlem Sponsored by Silicon Harlem

#bbdigital presents a new live program, “Sex: Exploitation, Exploration and Expression” at MY Image Studios (MIST) Harlem/MADIBA Harlem from 5pm -10pm. Web series screen from 6:30-7:30pm, hosted by Jungle Wild Productions Founder and Black Actress Director, Andrea Lewis.

This year, #bbdigital highlights this provocative theme by exhibiting web series’ content made by and about people of color from across the Diaspora. Co-Founders/ Producers Empress Varnado  and Darren Mallett curated the series with the intent of taking the audience on a visual journey, designed to provoke critical thinking and engaged dialogue.   The screenings explore web content focusing on this generation’s concerns and curiosity about the continued exploitation of representations of people of color in mainstream media, as well as utilizing digital media as a tool to promote dialogue around today’s hot topics: homophobia, navigating gender identity, and sexual exploration. #bbdigital also featured content about transgender communities in Africa. 

Following the screenings, two powerful conversations with participating content creators; BLACK ACTRESS star Andrea Lewis; activists from the LGBTQ and #blacklivesmatter communities; and digital technologists will followed suit. The discussions  delve into the importance of media ownership in the Black and Latino communities, and the urgency for responsibly representing sexuality in this new digital age. The event was


Featured Panelists

Andrea Lewis, Director 'Black Actress'

Kyana Brindle, Performer 'Naked Layers'

TRUE, Film Maker 'Black Pervert'

Kara Ford, Producer 'The Trade'

Seven King, Film Maker 'Eden's Garden'

Ashley Bernal, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator, Women With a Vision

Michael Roberson, Public Health Practitioner, Advocate, Activist



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