We got next: Highlighting Emerging content creators of color for Social Justice


There's uproar in the air.

Now more than ever people from every race, gender, sexual orientation and religious background want their stories and voices to be heard. In light of current political landscape, now is the time for media makers and community organizers to use their talent to shift paradigms and perspectives to empower communities to TAKE ACTION.

The work of social justice is in the hands of the people! Successful revolutions are no longer achieved with the gun, knife or fist but with the pen, camera and paintbrush. By creating responsible content and positive propaganda, we can inspire new conversations and foster coalition building.

#bbdigital in partnership with The New York Media Center present: We Got Next!

Join us as we highlight emerging independent content creators of color who use media for social justice! This event will feature film screenings and a PROVOCATIVE conversation with independent media makers who create cutting edge content that builds that inspires the world to take action.

Cost: FREE

Thursday Feb 23rd, 7-9PM

NY Media Center: 30 John Street, Brooklyn, NY

RSVP: tinyurl.com/bbdigitalnymedia

oin #bbdigital in partnership with Made in NY Media Center By IFP in presenn six content creators dedicated to sharing authentic human narratives.  


Kamau Ware-- Black Gotham Experience Webseries  

Where are Black people in the story of New York City?

This is the question that Kamau Ware  was asked while giving a history tour of NYC to middle school students. This question prompted him to research New York City’s African past and was surprised to see that Black people literally helped lay the foundation to the City, thus leading him to create a walking tour dedicated to illustrating the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. Through the Black Gotham Experience, Kamau and his team are currently producing a graphic novel that creates  missing visuals of the black life in NYC. This DYNAMIC storytelling experience will  bring New York’s Black heritage into public consciousness. www.blackgotham.com

Sean Torrington--Slay.TV

SlayTV is delivering unparalleled access to queer lives and stories across the globe.

SLAY TV is internet TV for viewers interested in the global queer community and its stories. Boasting +20 channels to choose from aggregated content across the web, exclusive streaming content, and curated content. SLAY TV is available on mobile devices through iOS and Android. SLAY TV is also available in the living room on connected TVs through Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Android TV devices, Chromecast and Apple Airplay.  Slay TV is currently an NY Media Center Fellow! www.slaytv.com

Antonia Colodro --Maylin

The body of a 20-year-old Maylin Reynoso washed ashore the Harlem River on July 30 2016, three days after the Dominican-American had been reported missing.

Her bod was found a month after her case hit national news after social media became outraged over the lack of media attention for Reynoso's death compared to the coverage of Karina Vetrano's unsolved case. Filmmaker and cinematographer Antonia Colodro documents the life and death  of Maylin along with the painful media bias that are  inflicted upon black and brown youth who go missing compared to their white peers. www.antoniacolodro.com

Kiera Kyoto Lewis--Dates For Coffee An international documentary film

Our media broadcasts  singular stories about  Arabs/ Arab Americans through narratives that paints them out to be threats to our society.Dates For Coffee  is a  live action and animated documentary that captures how stories and media influence worldviews from the perspectives of Arabs and Americans.  The film explores personal stories from Oman, Yemen, Sudan and the Palestinian Territories as well as across the United States revealing how some of the most extreme views of the world can develop from the simplicity of a Disney story or a daily proverb. Directed/Produced by Kiera Kyoto Lewis; Co-Produced by Coridon Bratton; Cinematography by Jake Swantko (ICARUS); Music by Todd Roach; Consulting by Nora DeBroder (Fox News, Wall Street Journal). Dates for Coffee is currently one of the talented projects selected for the NY Media Center Fellowship! www.datesforcoffee.com

Azure McBride--Cleanse for PNQ Collective

PNQ Collective, (pronounced "pink") is a collective founded by three cross discipline women artists creating art installations, film, dance productions and music. "Cleanse" is part II of two-part video series called  The Howl. The Howl takes a surreal journey through the subjects stream of consciousness as she explores womanhood, sisterhood, self love and freedom. vimeo.com/azuremcbride

Shannon Shird --BodyMore and Bloom

Shannon Shird is the writer and producer of the short narrative, BodyMore and the documentary Bloom.



Produced by Shannon Shird, the short film Bodymore follows carefree and rebellious, Carrie Cook as she returns home to Baltimore to protest  and condemn the horrific killing of a Black man and subsequent police acquittal. In addition,  a wild night of partying with old friends sets off a series of events that complicate her quest for justice and leave her forever changed.  www.bodymoremovie.com


Bloom-Short documentary

Hedonism is The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life.  People travel to Hedonism II from all corners of the world to live out their fantasies, to escape their inhibitions, to play. The documentary BLOOM directed by #bbdigital co-founder by Darren Mallett, follow three men rom their homes in NYC and Kingston as they journey to beautiful Negril to experience LOOM JAMAICA, an annual global festival celebrating inclusivity and freedom. Explore identity and connection through the lense of our main characters as they let go of social restraints, traverse past the frontiers of their own personal experience to build long lasting ties. restraints, traverse past the frontiers of their own personal experience to build long lasting ties. www.bloomjamaica.com